February 2016

February’s map can be found here!

No major gameplay changes this week. Although keep an eye out for the new roof tiles. The hatch looks particularly cool. You can read the devblog full here. Here’s a summary of stuff the devs included in this update:

Added sounds for all the new building parts
Fixed cupboard gib errors
Item icons + data now build to the right folder
Removed cui.test
Network backend optimizations
New floor frames (grill and hatch)
Fixed water rendering error when screen size is reported as zero
Fixed warehouse floor decal
Reduced video memory overhead by 144 MB
All collectables now use the load balanced LOD system
Updated some remaining physics calls to the new Unity physics API
Removed a worst-case second raycast in the game trace code
Fixed foundation stair placement being blocked next to triangle foundations
Fixed triangle foundation placement being blocked beneath floors
Added building stability serialization (faster server restarts and stability refreshes)
Fixed potential signage NRE when server database was deleted
Tweaked distribution of rocks and bushes

Server update: 1/28/2016

Happy update day!

I’ll be installing a server update this afternoon. I’m not sure when it will be released, but it’s usually released between 2 and 6pm EST (later is more likely). So at some point during that window expect the server to go down for about 10 minutes. This update will not involve any sort of wipe.

FYI: It’s possible that the update will fix a few things and make a few things a bit buggy. Sometimes these updates go off without a hitch and sometimes there’s a patch or two within 24 hours of the update. Impossible to say!

Spread the word and email me if you have any Qs.