Map Wipe – 7/11/2016

Hi All,

Unfortunately, the Rust developers released a shitty server update last night. We attempted to install the update this morning, and it royally fucked up our database. Alhofd and I have been scrambling all morning to try and fix this. The good news is that we were able to save all of your XP and level data. The bad news is that, despite our best efforts to save it, the server wiped our map.

This news is incredibly disappointing. If you or I complain to the developers, they’ll probably tell us this is the nature of an alpha game — but that’s horse shit. This isn’t just a wipe — it’s a breach of trust. You’ve been working very hard all weekend gathering resources and building bases under the assumption you’d be living in them all month. There’s no way to recover that effort and it fucking sucks.

We appreciate that you’ve chosen to play on our server, and we hope you understand that we take that responsibility very seriously. It sucks to deliver this news. If you feel the need to vent or have any questions/concerns, please post them in the comment thread below.