BTR Steam Group, Map Poll

Hi all! Hope you’re having a good month so far. I’m happy to see a lot of February regulars returned, and we’ve attracted some new folks as well. We hit the 35 player mark on day one after the wipe. Pretty exciting! I’ve also noticed a lot of fluctuation in the clan community — regular players shuffling between groups and new players adding different skill sets to the mix. It’s fun to see. A varied, fluctuating player base keeps the server interesting, creates healthy competition at all levels of the food chain, and ultimately benefits everyone.

Anyway, more updates below. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or email me at

Steam Group
I set up a Born to Rust group in Steam. You can get there by clicking the Steam icon to your left or by clicking here. My thinking as that this might help potential new players evaluate our server and determine whether it’s a good fit for them. I’m also hoping it will help foster a sense of community and bolster player retention in between wipe cycles. We’ve had a good couple of months but it couldn’t hurt to do more, right?

Map Poll
So you’ve had about a week to try out the new default map size. What do you think? Based on what I’ve seen, there’s a lot more player interaction. A good thing? I pulled together a quick poll because I’m curious to find out what you guys think. Feel free to elaborate in the comments section.

March 2016: Server Wipe, New Map

The March map can be found here!

The biggest (in my opinion) gameplay change this week is the size of our map. Facepunch changed the default map size from 4k to 3k. Hopefully it creates more interactions among the players, but if you guys really hate it then we can always go back to 4k.

Anyway, you can read the devblog full here. Good luck this month! Don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions or concerns.

New building blocks!

Are you ready for some new building blocks? It sounds like we’re going to get them in this Thursday’s update. The devs are adding prison bars, chain link fences, double doors, and more.

This update looks seriously cool, and I’m excited to see how this changes the way players build their bases. Check out this post on Rustafied for more details!

EDIT: Check out the new floor frames!

Blueprint system being removed?

Are you grinding blueprints to prepare for the next wipe? If so, you may want to rethink your strategy. Here’s why:

Blueprints as we know them will eventually be eliminated in favor of a level-based system. We know that for sure (details). But will this update go live in February? And what will that mean to gameplay? We don’t know, but it’s definitely something to keep in the back of your mind as you develop your post-wipe strategy.

Because what would a wipe be without some mystery, right?

1/27 UPDATE: According to a tweet from Garry (see below), mid to late Feb is when we can expect to see the XP system introduced. That said, he’s changed his mind before. Who knows?

Rust survival guide

Starting out on a new server is a lot of work — you need to build allies, acquire blueprints, farm resources, learn the map, etc. The learning curve can be particularly steep for new players who are not yet familiar with core game play concepts.

This Rust survival guide does a great job of outlining variables you should keep in mind regardless of whether you’re a brand new player that’s starting fresh or a seasoned vet looking to refine their gameplan. The guide is designed for high population servers (ie, hundreds of simultaneous players), but the same core concepts will take you just as far (farther?) on a low population server like Born to Rust.